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Redeemer School, located in Redwood City, California, has been providing a quality Christian education since 1957.


Where is your school located?

We are located on the Bay Area Peninsula halfway between San Francisco and San Jose. Our address is 468 Grand Street, Redwood City, CA 94062.



What are the school hours?

All grades, TK - 8th grade, attend school from 8:15AM-3:00PM. 


What are your class sizes?

Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten have a maximum enrollment of 22 students. Grades 1-8 class sizes increase incrementally, with a maximum of 28 students/class in middle school. 

Do you offer before or after school care?

We partner with Legarza Sports to provide after school care. Additional fee paid directly to Legarza.



Are you an accredited school?

Redeemer is dually accredited through WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) and NLSA (National Lutheran School Accreditation). We strive to maintain the rigorous guidelines outlined by both organizations and pride ourselves on our multi-year accreditations. Redeemer was recognized as and "exemplary school" by NLSA in 2015.



Does your school offer hot lunch?

We contract through ChoiceLunch to provide hot lunch every school day. Additional fee paid directly to ChoiceLunch.



Are mandatory volunteer hours required?

We ask each family to contribute 35 hours (20 hours for single parents) towards our educational learning environment. First year families are required to contribute 25 hours (15 hours for single parents).



Do your students undergo standardized testing?

Students in grades K-8 participate in MAPS testing (Measure of Academic Progress).


Do you have a resource department?

We pride ourselves in offering an educational environment in which students with a variety of learning needs can experience success and growth. We have a solid Child Study Team which meets to assess the accommodations, modifications, needs, strengths, and goals of all of our at risk learners. At this time, we are unable to offer a pull-out resource program for students with severe learning needs, however we work with families to accommodate privately hired learning professionals to utilize our facilities to work with their clients (at the expense of the parent). Please do not hesitate to contact our school to discuss your child’s individual educational needs.


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