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Faith Party

Summer 2019

(Click here to RSVP)

What is a Faith Party?

Great question!  It’s a party to celebrate God’s work in people’s lives, especially when that work is a person coming to faith in Jesus, returning to faith in Jesus,  and/or getting baptized.

What is Baptism?

Christian Baptism is the act of applying water to a person in the name of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Through this simple but sacred and profound act, the Holy Spirit comes to live in your heart, forgiving your sins, connecting you to Jesus and his redeeming work, and empowering you to live by faith in Jesus.  God gives us this gift so we can be secure and confident in our identity as loved, forgiven, and cherished son or daughter of God’s family!

Who Should Come to the Faith Party?

Friends and families of the Redeemer community! 


Several children and adults will be getting baptized, but everyone is invited to come and celebrate with them.  That’s what being a part of a faith community like Redeemer is all about – celebrating together!  Redeemer is a family of faith, and we would love to celebrate these important life events together.

What if someone in my family wants to get baptized? 

  • Click here to fill out a baptism information card for you and/or your children. 

  • Attend the next parent information night (May 16 @ 7pm in the Fellowship Hall) or schedule an appointment with Pastor Paul at

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