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Schoolwide Learner Outcomes (SLOs) are the compilation of our purpose, mission, vision, goals, and indicators of our learning community. As educators, we strive to instill the following qualities in all of our students. We use the following indicators as a tool in evaluating our school program as they comprise all of our ideas regarding a well balanced student, learner, and contributor to the world at large.

Loved by Jesus (Faith)

  • Know I am loved by Jesus and show my love for Him

  • Love others the way Jesus loves me

  • Read and learn the stories of the Bible and teachings of Jesus

  • Share the good news of Jesus with people who ask

  • Pray every day

Never give up (Inner Strength)

  • Be flexible and positive when facing challenges

  • Stay emotionally strong

  • Bounce back quickly from setbacks and disappointments

  • Perform at a high level even under pressure

  • Remain connected and engaged when challenges arise

I love learning (Academics)

  • Develop a positive attitude towards learning

  • Accept responsibility for my own learning

  • Use a variety of technological and multimedia tools to gather information

  • Try new ideas

  • Learn from my mistakes

Open hearted (Relationships)

  • Build healthy relationships in every area of life

  • Love and respect people, even when they don’t love and respect me

  • Develop self-awareness and social intelligence

  • Show love and respect for everyone

  • Appreciate and respect other cultures and ethnicities

Sent by God (Purpose)

  • Know God’s purpose for my life

  • Use my life in service to God and others

  • Use all my gifts, talents, and resources to serve other people

  • Be a good citizen

  • Help all people who have a need in our community and the world

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